This is beautifully written by Gareth Southgate but it continues to miss the point. No-one has a problem with an anti-racism stance (see the total lack of booing for 'Kick Racism Out of Football' for further details). The issue is one of acknowledging the origins and objectives of BLM. This organisation has made its position clear more than once. Defund the police. Dismantle capitalism. We cannot allow the left to get away with this narrative. Agree with my worldview on issue A otherwise that means you must inevitably be against my worldview on issue B. That's a dangerous game to play and one which the right can play just as easily. Imagine if someone suggested we do the Nazi salute as a symbol of anti-racism. After all, the salute has origins that go beyond Nazism so let's completely ignore that one particular association and accept that it's purely a gesture of anti-racism. Yeah, I didn't think so. Oh, but it's simply an anti-racism stance. To you, but clearly not to others. Stop pretending this isn't more nuanced than that.