Former Nurses Desperately Trying To Save People - SMH...

Gobsmacked⁉ Former Nurses Desperately Trying To Save People From The Jab ⁉ June 7th, 2021$/download/Former-Nurses-Desperately-trying-to-Save-People-From-The-Jab/1aa3879958a492a25ee1d936fe74fdee0ca159d4 More Stuff: ____________________ Anthony Fauci Emails LEOPOLD NIH FOIA Excellent Resource Links EVERYONE should check out if you have not CORRECTED WIKI of most things corrupted and lied about _____________ Awesome Covid Soundcloud Playlist: Covid Playlist: My Links: [E-Mail] [email protected] [YouTube] ⁣[Minds} (My Preferred) [RoxyTube] (my Preferred) [Odysee] [Bitchute] [Brighteon] [OurTube] [Telegram] [Likabout] [Facebook] (Personal) Stores (Doesnt sell anything, gets around AI for sheeple herding) [Facebook] [Facebook] [Twitter] [WeGo] [RoxyCast] [SoundCloud] msm, scamdemic, mockingbird, media, sheeple, audit, election, fraud, vaccines, nanotech, control, mkultra, mindcontrol