The difference is this, 'patriots' have been sitting around hoping and commenting... the 'illuminati' have been PLANNING, ACTING, CARRYING OUT, STRATEGIZING, CARRYING OUT, ATTACKING, MOVING, COLLABORATING, COLLUDING, CONSPIRING, GETTING THINGS DONE... Meanwhile the whole 'patriot' community is SO busy focusing on themselves as INDIVIDUALS, their individual THOUGHTS, and individual FEELINGS, and individual IDEAS, who are SO INDIVIDUAL that they think they don't need to GET TOGETHER, ACT, COLLABORATE, set ASIDE differences (individualism that SO intense that it makes working TOGETHER as a collective -- because collectivism is 'evil')... The 'patriot' community just seems to be obsessed with the "SOMEBODY ELSE WILL SAVE US" [trump? qanon? q? anon? putin??] ... SOMEBODY ELSE. "don't do anything, because some other super hero is going to take care of it"... It's an EXTREMELY PACIFYING mindset. Meanwhile, the 'illuminati' and their braindead infinite hordes of obey-bots are ready and willing to ACT for their imagined 'cause'... If those who are in the WRONG, can ACT... why can't those who are IN THE RIGHT ACT? WHAT INVISIBLE FORCEFIELD is HOLDING those what are IN THE RIGHT in INACTION? THINK. ABOUT. IT.