DreamPondTX - What Would Andy Do (M1 at the Pond)

What Would Andy Do? —- Humm, nobody ever ask Barney?!? Here’s how I do it. Transpose +2. Recorded by Mark & KORG M1. M1 at the Pond. How It’s Done Computers generally only make mistakes if they’re programmed in. I don’t have that problem. The goal is not “to never make a mistake” but to “not stop when you do”. Right Hand: I often experience Diabetic Neuropathy in the extremities. Add to that, frequently playing with eyes closed (very helpful when playing in dark venues w/no stage lighting). I tend to anchor a finger or thumb within the voicings of what the right hand is up to. This is not being done consciously. Appears to have developed subconsciously, out of necessity, over a very long period of time. Thus, there is no means within me to explain a process for what the right hand is doing. The best I can do is to show. Left hand is usually doing pedal chord, pedal chord (rather haphazardly). Picture a left hand playing a 140 bass accordion. On a single keyboard, opposed to Console Organ (Upper & Lower Keyboard with Bass Pedals), unless playing a bass line, pedal chord works pretty thought free for me. Major Keys: Transpose the keyboard, up or down so that the fingers are playing in C. Minor Keys: Transpose to A. That gives the major amount of white keys being used (bigger targets to hit). Also, after doing this for a very long time, the fingers tend to get spacing trained. Similar to that of a fretless string instrument player. Plus, Insanely lazy, I am! Sooo, if-in y’all really want to emulate how I play?!? In a Nutshell. Numb yer hands, close yer eyes, transpose to C and think bottom end accordion, . . . . . . . . for many years! Fingerings: If you get to the correct note, in the correct time and are set up for the next note. . . . . You have used the correct fingering. I don’t always get to the same place using the same fingering. Mix it up! Tuning: My board is tuned to 432hz. Transpose: Each whole number is actually a half step. ex: +1 from C is C sharp, -1 from C is B, and so on. There are two stomp boxes on the floor to keep my feet busy. Learned on a Hammond L100 with bass pedals. Hopefully you see something useful in here. #music #art #dreampondtx #photography #poetry