The tweets Ollie Robinson got suspended for

He's an England international and got suspended from all international cricket for these tweets. You'd think there's nothing to see here, cancel culture at play again, punishing people for past words that aren't even that bad. Leftists on Twatter say he deserves the suspension and compares his situation with that of Shemima Begum. Who is she? A girl who ran away with two friends of hers to join ISIS to marry some terrorist. After both, her friends and some of her children died, leftists pleaded for her safe return to the UK while she expressed no remorse over the ISIS killings, even stating in a BBC interview that the beheadings didn't bother her. So yep, wokelords went insane beyond repair by comparing a guy who made some tweets about gamer girls having better sex with a girl who literally ran away from her home to join and support ISIS. And that my friends, is why I can't take any of these people seriously. UPDATE: There were actually two more tweets which people use to justify his cancellation. One involves him calling a Muslim girl "a bomb" and one mocking Asian eyes. Still nowhere near joining a terrorist organisation. Especially when you consider that he apologized for these tweets in the past. It makes ZERO sense to suspend him when he apologized and recognized his alleged wrongdoing. Isn't punishment about learning?