This whole thing is beyond pathetic. So is Michael Carberry's response to Oliver Dowden and the government's, to be fair, very balanced response to the furore: "But Carberry said: ‘I have no respect for Oliver Dowden’s comments because this is a bloke who has never been discriminated against.’" Really? You've probably never been discriminated against on the basis of gender, Carberry, so does that mean I don't have to listen to your shite? He also says of Ollie Robinson: "Why has this guy been allowed to get this far in his career and achieved what he has achieved at the highest level?’" Because he made a few dumb ass tweets when he was a teenager?! OK, he shouldn't have done. But really who hasn't done the odd stupid thing as a teenager? The guy has apologised and is now a grown man with a more mature outlook. Now they're after another player who was UNDER 16 when he supposedly made racist and sexist tweets. Fuck. Off.