"Of course you're going to be disenchanted, because you were young and naïve. Being disenchanted is part of maturing, but the next part of maturing is to move forward optimistically; as an axiom of faith in mankind and yourself, as a recognition of your moral obligation to do so. Now your eyes are open and you see there's a snake in the garden and Cain is your brother. Well yeah, it's always been that way. Welcome to reality. So what do you do? You allow that to make you corrupt and nihilistic? Not if you think that it's the corruption and the nihilism that's the problem. So you're obligated to be optimistic in some sense, despite the evidence, and that's faith. So pick up your cross and stumble uphill, consciously, and you bring back optimism in human relations by structuring your own to the best of your possible ability; and that will expand outward as you become more competent and move through your life. Be productive, generous, kind, discerning, wise, educated. Be a good father; to everyone, not the tyrant that resentment breeds in your own heart. That's an act of moral courage, that's real maturity; and if you want an adventure, well there's one for you." -JBP