Fluff Bat

He wants to rub cheekfluffs. His are slightly more coarse and wirey than the rest of his softer fuzz, like his bellyfur. His snout is sort of like peachfuzz on a newly shaved head. VERY SOFT. :B Rough day with the cryptos? ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBdxeeolWng Lemme know if you wanna LINK up and bump fluff. Stay STINKIE <3 ------------ [b]Monero (XMR) tip jar :[/b] 85vTHYtueBTYyfn2LmQhsa8YQeANpmHHQ2mBEUsdhVB36oNGMdM2vHEPnqPHBPphM658cYmGA3sR9UZ769SrTTpN4mMkfHM