Lua is an anonymous social dating/friend app for spiritual minded people.

So I just started using this app, it's in alpha right now but shows promise to really be a better alternative than any of the other dating apps out there, as it's early access I expect it prob to shift to a paid model or something UNLESS the goal is to have a "FREE" alternative to the female-centric degenerate spreading apps that treat humans like MEAT and make women more like MEN. this app helps you connect, by giving you questions to mutually answer share an Image of things and even record a voice clip. the way it's set up it actually encourages you to connect and you will speak to every one you connect with it's up to you to get to the point you want to reveal your identity to the other user if you figure you both get on. the best part is you find out what a person sounds like, believes in and what kind of personality they may have according to other users. THE BEST part is because it's anonymous the visual discriminations is non existent, people have to talk to each other before they even match each other properly. For people with social anxiety or just bad GAME you can try this out try not to be too much of a creep but spiritual women tend to be very sexually natured I've found had to unmatched once cos I am not a fan of polyamory (cucks) which is a red flag for me. leave feedback here if you tried the app and if it was a positive or negative experience. fellow empaths right?