Nightmarish Reality Book Trailer #2

This was made many years ago. My camera was analog (and not digital), so the quality is okay. It was enhanced through iMovie and some shots had been modified in a way. I had this camera for the majority of my life, until it officially died. This is an experimental short back when I was a big film buff and I really wanted to be a director. This is one of the trailers for Nightmarish Reality. The book was published in 2012. I didn't want anything too complicated, but was interested in promoting the series. The second trailer didn't make the cut... I didn't like it for several reasons. But I decided to tweak it over the years; I never posted it online, until today. It's slow and about 8 mins long. Sorry, if I don't have any explosions or car chase sequences. The reason why I filmed it was because my main character loved nature, going to the park, and photography. Even when he was depressed or feeling sad, he'd go outside and be in awe of the beauty around him. It was a balance between good and light vs. evil and dark. How can the world have two polar sides and dimensions at the same time? It was supposed to be like a cartoon, much like anime, but in a more semi-realistic style. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching! 馃槉 #Minds #writers #videos #writersofminds