Ok, so this may all be nonsense. but bear with me and read everything if you want (political followers especially). So I think the US is veering uncomfortably close to fascism BUT not the fake kind that leftists have been fear mongering for the last few years. In doctrines of fascism (DOF) the state is referred to as a partially spiritual element. remember the verbiage on jan 6th? how they talked about the "most sacred" grounds? how they practically worshiped the government and "democracy"? Doesnt that seem close to that? in DOF they mention how fascism will change and adapt to things. What if fascism is using the mask of "democracy", something we are blindly thought to worship to hide its evils. think of how many people are so willing to blindly serve the state because of their party of choice being in charge. Instead of the state controlling industry and companies, its vice versa. But at the end of the day, they become one and the same. Its like a "remix" or adaption of it. Our ignorance to assuming that the nazis were the only fascists has lead to us being mislead and tricked. And now, more and more attempts to control us and sacrifice rights (just as defined in DOF, "nonessential" rights get taken) begin. This new hybrid state is a 21st century twist on the state. And people are willingly giving power to it. people turn away to agencies doing as they please. They ignore erosions of rights because of their own fear, ignorance, and fake "progressivism" IMO there is still time. I dont think everyone in the GOVT is part of this, at least not intentionally. but this current path is unsustainable I feel. I have concerns. wars for resources and material gain, erosion of rights, worship of the state, blind loyalty to the government, belief in a constant struggle of life (in this case it could be something like antiracism, CRT, fighting the fake "fascist" who see what is happening etc).