REASONS I'M A HAPPY 57 YEAR OLD KID This meme is a joke and I understand that and it's humorous. I'm not disparaging it. However I'm gonna contrast it against myself because I'm Happy (maybe I've never been happier). And that's not to be overlooked at any age either. I'm a 57 year old man: I broke my back as a kid. It still hurts, often most every day. I adapted and so I'm only slightly crippled and can still do many things many 30 years olds can't. I like teenagers, and kids. Just not like modern people seem too - like a pedophile. I like to see kids and teens laugh, and play, and explore. I remember that time and what a ball I had. I empathize with them. I like most people, and I'm not naive about them, but like to see them thrive and do well. Often I feel like a teen or even a kid. I'm not grumpy at all, I'm Happy and laugh a lot. Explore as much as I can and joke a lot. I can't hear very well anymore. Been around too many explosions and gunshots and whatnot. And I have nerve damage. I should probably try and fix that but maybe not being able to hear well is one reason I'm so happy. I've been ready to die since I was a kid. I look forward to exploring new worlds and realms and dimensions. Like a lot. An awful lot. But to some limited extent I can do that now with my mind and soul and imagination through things like Theurgy, Religion, Metaphysics, Science, Meditation, etc. So I don't push it, and I've begun Reverse Aging and getting my mind and body really sharp again. And there are people and things in this world I still love and I still have Duties and my Fate to fulfill. So I'll die when I die and until then I Live... Now why did I write that? Two reasons: it's True, and for about 10 to 12 years I was doing it all wrong. And so I wasn't happy. Or much real good to anyone else or the world either. But I fixed that... #meme #Happy #youth #age #Wisdom