This is my response to the endless conspiracy theories about how "cancer treatments are being suppressed" because they want to make more money... Yes, certain pharma companies are trying to milk fake pandemics by selling totally useless pseudo-vaccines and yes, they are committing mass murder by doing so. That does not mean that every conspiracy about them is true. The reason those pharma companies exist is because they produce innumerable products that actually work! Desinfectants and creams that really accelerate wound healing to an amazing degree to antibiotics that are absolute life-savers, I've personally had the chance to benefit from their research many times. It's all good and well when you're healthy and you don't need medication, but when you fall seriously ill, "traditional" medicines generally don't work - which is why people had an average life expectancy of just 35-40 before the 18th century. A study of skulls from American Indian buriel places found that their teeth were so wrotten, by the age of 30 - 35, that they could no longer chew solid food and typically died around that age. Yes, Indians who lived in nature, eating only healthy, natural food, no processed sugar, without any pollutants or electromagnetic waves had an average life expectancy of 35. Steve Jobs refused modern cancer treatments and relied on "healthy nutrition", which was largely responsible for degrading his health even faster. Shortly before he died of cancer, he admitted that he regretted not allowing doctors to use the latest cancer treatments - and he could have afforded the absolute best treatments on the planet! Don't let some greedy scumbags who exploit the well deserved reputation of pharmaceutical companies for unethical profits convince you to not trust the great work they generally do. I have had the chance to work as consultant for several pharma businesses - not often, but on a few occasions during the 1990s - and the majority of scientists who work there absolutely intend to develop working treatments. It's a matter of personal satisfaction. The majority of the people do like to do good and are not psychopaths. Any doctor who discovers a working treatment for any form of cancer will want the world to know about it!