Yesterday was one of the hardest, toughest, and most challenging days of my life. I overcame severe exhaustion, cramping, pain and multiple injuries, but most importantly I pushed through limitations of my mind. Today, I am a black belt in Krav Maga (military combat fighting system). I have brought many to this school and believe very strongly in their teachings of excellence through fitness, self defense, and increased awareness of surroundings. You don't have to become a black belt to experience the benefits of our awesome community. I spent 8 years in the school before I was ready to take on the journey to black. I am grateful for our family of black belts that showed up to support us. I am so grateful for the other candidates who I will never forget like brothers and sisters in battle. I am grateful for all my instructors, my wife for accepting the intensity of my training schedule, my daughter Siena for hours of butt-kicking as my personal trainer, and most importantly I am grateful for Head Instructor John Gabriele for setting up a challenge so impossible that the only way I could succeed was to become a bigger person. Yesterday I claimed my unstoppability. #KravMaga