CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES - YOUR FUTURE AIN'T SO BRIGHT! ( The Most Popular, Bold, & Inspiring President EVER! ) =======by Bullhorn Barry (Opinion & Short :49 Second Video) Good ole Joey just has a way with words. He really knows how to stir & inspire a crowd of graduates doesn't he? I thought Fraudster Fauci was Dr. Doom & Gloom but Car Salesman Joey Biden is on the same level. Let's call Con Man Joey, MR. GLOOM and Fraudster Fauci, Dr. DOOM. But honestly, that's the entire Globalists/Leftist/Marxist Outlook, it's one of Fear, Doom, & Gloom. After all, we only have a few more years to get everything right or we're all going to die according to them. This is Joey Biden! He is the Great Pretender, The Imposter in Chief, The Con Man, The Car Salesman, & The President Illegit all wrapped up into one. He's got a message and that message is: "Let's Make America Last."