Day 15 and video 15 of my YouTube to Rumble migration, and a review of personal artistic growth. ***** When I went to record this video, I encountered some difficulties. I just couldn't get the words out, and after multiple ailed recording attempts, I realized I was trying too hard. I decided to take a meditation and prayer break to ease my nerves. My hopes were that it would get my brain out of the way and allow for a true flow of consciousness to emerge. After meditating for while, I uttered a prayer. I simply requested that Spirit speak directly through me, and promised that I would get out of the way long enough for that to occur. My next recording was not a bad attempt. I was able to get through the entire chapter text without any major issues. I was surprised when I listened to the recording, however, for the recording did not exactly match what I had read. It was not even entirely in my own voice. Just listen. Near the beginning of the video, something else takes over. This section raises questions about paranormal dynamics. What about channeling? What about extra terrestrials? How do paranormal experiences fit in to the bigger picture that is distinguished through these writings? ***** How To Create A New Earth Part XII: Creation of a New Earth