The One I Count On

Emotionally, I'm still a mess. One thing I've learned since last week is that friendships mean a darn lot to me. And they hurt like hell when they come apart due to my own mistakes. 馃様 The nice thing is that my husband and I had a thorough blab on Saturday night about where I'm ultimately going with my Teutonic fantasy realm (assuming I'm granted the grace to get there). He gave me some really helpful suggestions about how to improve the final resolution, and I'm so thrilled to formulate it all in my brain! 馃挅 I hope that somehow, despite my horrific faults, I collect at least a few faithful readers among you Minds frens. It's going to be a long journey that lasts far more than a single series . . . but the denouement is looking fabulous. I hope some of you will be with me when I get there. 馃槏 This dude though . . . while I wallow in the mistakes that have lost me a very good friend . . . he's gone out of his way to assure me that even when we disagree, he intends to stick by my side for this entire messed up road called life. This man is my loyal partner, my most faithful friend, my maddest love. (And no, that's not our house in the background. 馃槣)