This is what it is like for Artists now days - it is not bad enough to be 'locked down' or forced to 'social distance' so that attending/hosting art events is non-productive - or Art being considered a luxury it is the first thing people cut back on when times are hard (as they have been for quite a while now) but on top of it all we have to deal with the outright theft of our works by unscrupulous people who mass produce your work(s) and offer them up as cheap reproductions on literally hundreds of sites that trying to police is like playing 'Whack-a-Mole' - as soon as you have one site taken down, two more appear and all made from the same template with a slightly different variations on the previous sites name... That link is just ONE example of hundreds of illegal usages of my copyright protected work(s) on file with the US Copyright Office and because these store fronts all inevitably trace back to China nothing can be done - Amazon is rife with dozens upon dozens of these 'stores' selling hundreds of products ranging from Oven Mitts to Windshield screens, face masks, paint-by number kits, etc. If I had a single dollar for every illegal usage I could actually make a comfortable living as an Artist - one can only dream of what it might be like if you were paid for each work its actual worth...