I'm glad I left this one at last.

ヒトミ先生の保健室 or Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary by Shake-O Puberty is a hectic period of life for everyone, now imagine having to live with even more changes that any normal human, like having a long tounge, wings, or becoming invisible. Nurse Hitomi is here to help you. With her all seeing eye (yes, one eye) she's capable of see even the smallest details and give you another perspective to your problems. So don't worry, if something scary is happening to your body, the infirmary is always open. The amount of different characters and traits in this manga is incredible, some are funny, some are creepy and others... welp, lets just say there's a guy with boobs. Nurse Hitomi´s fun times is not limited to the students, her family and friends also play an important role. By the way, Moji sensei is best boy and you can't change my mind about it.