If you are unable to help by donating, please consider sharing to your social media PUBLICLY. THANK YOU! https://gofund.me/8b91d589 "Ryan Emily Scannell is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Mayhem's K9 Corps. Hi my name is Ryan but everyone calls me RyRy. I have Cerebral Palsy, PTSD, anxiety, and migraines. I’ve had to retire my current dog earlier than I want to have liked. So I need a new one. I have tried paying for it on my own but I just don’t have the finances. Insurance in America does not consider a service dog a medical necessity, so it is not covered. My dog will help me do so many things by my self, they will be able to go get help or my cell phone when I fall. They will be able to help me get undressed and bring me things I need. They will pick up everything I drop, which is a lot. The dog will help me during panic attacks. When I’m in the hospital the dog will be trained to lay under my knees to provide support and comfort. Also when doing transfers they will provide extra stability and something to lean on. There are other things the dog can do but these are the most significant abilities they will learn. Thank you for any help you provide even sharing helps
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