Attraction Your Eyes

OK.. I find I'm gaining subscribers that attract to me on minds come in Five Categories, and there is a lot of overlap and it's not a exact Science here... Sorry if it doesn't Quite match up with what you are seeing... But, Here are the Five kinds of people that seem to subscribe to me. 1.) The Cynic philosopher Shit poster meme maker or meme stealer. also in the world of independent Journalism, either a big fan or they are the real independent Journalist. 2.) The Optimistic beautiful photography positive motivator, post a lot of famous positive Quotes about life. 3.) The Cannabis enthusiast, deep psychoactive thinkers free spirited minded personality, slightly unpredictable posting, kind of a rude happiness that feels polite... 4.) Artist and Art historians, who like to post there art online, either digital or photo or paintings or pencil art, sometimes apart of Comics Gate. 5.) Normal person, either got kicked off of Big tech 3, (FB, Twitter, YouTube) and is trying to put their life back together after either their profile got erase or they are part of a fandom of a person who got kicked off the platform... and is usually apart of the Frens movement like #frenfinder These five kinds of people who tend to subscribe to me.. my biggest fear is some of the five groups will not get along with each other.. that is why I'm making this post..