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I was on @MythArea page and saw the top image, NSFW, covering their post on the Whole Armor of God. I've posted something very similar before and no NSFW. Who the hell is at work doing something other than work in the first place?! Reddit started this bullcrap, Minds continues it. Yet when I point out that it's censorship, I get doublespeak back from admins. You say it's not censorship, but if that is the case, why is it unevenly applied? I want an answer! @ottman @john There was also text with the picture, none of which should be not safe for work. Text follows: a first b before c constant d dimensions e energy f frequencey g gravity h start i inside j spirit k physical l length m mass n negative o outside p preasure q quantum r radius s wave t time u universe v velocity w exoverse x point y manifold z singularity