From my "Popular Thoughts" series that I just invented... It occurs to me women will never rule the world. This doesn't mean women aren't in control, because they often are, but this tends to be by influence as opposed to holding actual title. From an intellectual or tactical perspective there's no reason they can't successfully hold powerful positions (and of course some do); it's just that in balance there are some fundamental truths that plague my sex making it unlikely this will globally come to pass. In my household we sometimes debate such things, and I was surprised to hear that virtually every time in history a woman has been in charge of a country, war has ensued. This was sufficiently unbelievable that I researched it. You can do the same if it suits you; the results are interesting. As compelling evidence for my wildly unsubstantiated supposition, I draw your attention to times in which two men, or two women, are wearing the same outfit. This is a situation women dread more than those nightmares where you envision yourself at work or school in your underwear. For women there's the uncomfortable realization you are dressed identically, then the cringing embarrassment that follows. In most scenarios you are trapped like a deer in headlights. You can't actually run away or duck behind a large potted plant because people might question your sanity, so you're forced to try to act normally while mentally obsessing over who looks better in the ensemble. Realistically if it's you, you do have the upper hand - metaphorically speaking. Sure, it's still awkward, but at least you're the pretty one. This is the best case and results in only moderate psychological damage. If otherwise, and most wouldn't acknowledge this on a dare, your thoughts will be firmly focused on finding some real or perceived fault in your doppelganger - bad hair, unpleasant personality, inappropriate use of a pronoun referent. Ask any woman who has experienced this, and if honest, they would be unable to recall any of the ensuing conversation. They can, however, remember the most minute details regarding the offending outfit, the time and day, and the venue. The clothing in question might thereafter have been shoved in the back of a closet, or into a garbage receptacle so as not to ever repeat this horrific experience. Regardless, the memories and associated emotional angst for either party, can persist for months or even years. Women are capable of incredible focus, although it's often on exactly the wrong thing. Yes, most women obsess over stupid shit, sometimes to the exclusion of rational thought. Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger! If a man encounters another man in exactly the same outfit it would have to be blatantly obvious for either to care or comment - like a suit with a paisley shirt and an aardvark tie, or blue jeans and an anachronistic promotional t-shirt with writing (I dunno, Goddo, Act of Goddo, 1979 World Tour). There's a high probability neither will notice, but in the unlikely event they do, it would only serve as a bonding exercise or conversational starter. They might briefly discuss their mutual great taste, or the merits of their favorite guitar player, or just laugh and say, "Cool shirt, bro'". They don't wonder if the other guy looks better, and they don't worry about whether the darts in the back of the pants make their respective asses look fat. In any event, they would find the exchange pleasant and continue on their way or with the business at hand. Anyway in case you were wondering, that's why women will never rule the world.