When they say "You'll own no property and be happy" what do they mean? How can they take away property someone already owns? The answer is "Taxes" Imagine the year is 2025. There has been a catastrophic economic collapse and the US Dollar is worthless. They have set up a new blockchain for the new "digital dollar". They have set everyone up with Universal Basic Income. Money is deposited into your account electronically. To access your money you need a digital ID. Every store, every Government office, every payment gateway has a digital ID reader. You scan your ID and the money is transferred automatically. So, here you are at home. The home you paid for in cash 15 years ago. Your Property Tax bill arrives. They no longer accept paper dollars. The only way to pay is electronically... with new digital dollars. Oh? You have an account with your name on it which contains new digital dollars? Great! Go ahead and scan your digital ID to release the funds... #vaccinepassports #covid #covid19 #greatreset #NewWorldOrder