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Into The Underworld

There was once a boy heart free headed off into the forest with simple glee before long he was lost he noticed a falcon trapped in a tree with as brave a voice as he could muster called out are you ok sir? the falcon responded with cries fierce the boy was quite naive had a desire to help his talents were needed no impudent welp climbed the tree with deft agility unstrapped his knife utility and with one swipe set the falcon free it flapped its wings and struggled in agitation and fury knocked the boy out into space feathers flurry the boy hit the ground loud his neck made a snapping sound he saw leaves in the wind heard the falcon say have courage today then he went far away to the land where the dead rave the pitiful souls and hearts grave as he past the petulant corpses the slippery eels and savage killers those confined to eternal labors the listless dreamless sleepers the forever weepers he was not afraid for he remembered the falcons promise his hope remained intact and as he entered a precipice below a great churning molten flume in an abyss before him the falcons spirit materialized its wings were much longer glowed a luminous meander its face now that of a young man strong arms like titanium bands hung down from its shoulders requested a penance one more simple thing the boy must sacrifice his voice speaking eloquently his speech must be polite and melancholy yet in his possession a seed of wisdom out of sight would perform his transcriptions opportune a life in gold and silver crooned but be not dismayed if you choose this pathway for your journey begins when you drink from this stash here pulled a small black bottle from his sash the boy took a sip and swallowed it down suddenly his thoughts became numb he attempted to utter sentences he opened his mouth not much really came out was ho and hum how is the day you don't say! he cried out in dismay what have you done to me! the falcon only raised its sharp wings casting a dark circle transfiguring bright purple and gold lights elements combining and rotating transecting and bisecting blinding his sight suddenly a wave of foresight he woke up in the forest rain pouring down no sign of the bird and his desire to head home he got there at once and his family was worried he told them the story and and all in a flurry they did not understand and would not listen his speech was so simple he could not convince them weeks went on he was incapable of speech words were late persuasion out of reach his tone was soft and his vocabulary kind but the movements of his heart he could not evince then one night he opened a notebook and began to write the words that came out were stunning not trite without uttering a sound his insights profound the ideas coursed through him external intrusion the system he lived in was more than imagined few people succeed and most are confined monotonous labor or simple pleasures stewing no glorious actions or complex imaginations perhaps it was better he thought to himself if I had just remained ignorant and naively stout then I would not fear the grave or no wealth experience sold him this was not his plan his intuition was extended more precious than senses or some product of earth he resolved from that moment to keep to himself his writing would guide and his thoughts he put down but for this last moment I'll leave you sound should you find yourself unable to speak or a clown silence will not always make you the weak one and if you persist in the side and the shade now one day your time comes and opportunity flows so keep your chin high and begin to grow for indeed it may be a nested simulation then he flew out the window in a full moon night's jetsam. #art #poetry #story #philosophy #freedom 🌬️💞 Please subscribe, remind, comment, smash the like if you want. It helps me keep this going and is appreciated! Also, check out my page if you're interested in original poetry or philosophy. 🌬️💞