Are there things in your life, things that have happened to you that you don't want people to know about? Are there things you've done in the past that you're not proud of? Do you have some regrets? Do you feel like you should have done better in some situations? Then you're human! Humans have scars! Don't be scared of being human!! There are things we did in the past that we're not so proud of, some of us will do everything possible to make sure that things like that are never revealed, some will kill just to keep those things are secret! But to what end? It will soon come to light anyway, why not save yourself the stress? Lemme tell you what that does to you, trying to keep secrets is tiring, its a heavy burden to carry, the load of secrecy is too heavy for you, it retard your growth, it limit you, it makes your light dim if not quench it, and once you remember, it steals your joy, take away your confidence, not just that, you live in constant fear of people getting to know about you! But lemme ask you, have you seen a star (maybe 3 or 5 star) general without scars? Its impossible to see a star general without scars, in the same light, its impossible to see a perfect human being, what people show to you is what they want you to see, stop trying to be like people, you don't know the scars they're hiding! Strive to be the best version of you instead!! You need to heal, you need to forgive people and forgive yourself also, if need be, meet those concerned and apologize to them, it will not erase the scars, although the scars will still be there, but you'll be free, you don't need to hide them, I have scars, I've failed big a good number of times, but this is one thing I do, each time I fail, I bounce back on my feet never giving up, lemme tell you, its okay to fail at some things, like it or not, you'll fail at some things, but do you know what's not okay? Failing and refusing to get back up on your feet, failing and giving up, you know what? that's real failure! I don't know about you, but the harder I fall, the higher I bounce back, I don't hide my scars any longer, they're prove that I deserve the stars on my shoulder, they're prove that I've gone through the process, yes, I see the scars as testimonies, whenever I share them, people are blessed, wherever I talk about them, lives are changed to the glory of God, listen pal, what the enemy planned for my bad, God have turned it around for my good and am not ashamed of that! Listen to me, everything you're passing through right now is preparing you for the journey ahead, a day will come that you'll look back and remember these words, it will turn around for you good, you need to trust me on this one, just believe! Like I always say, what have happened to your is not the most important thing, it's what you do about what have happened to you that really count, you need to make a choice, to sit back or move on, you need to decide, to get bitter or get better, it's import that you choose now, to stay on the ground or bounce back up on your feet with greater zeal and passion like you never failed before, the choice is always yours to make! Remember, decisions make men and the choices you make today shall determine your tomorrow! Never hide your scars!! Thanks for reading through! #Minds #Shima_Billions #Kingdom_Promoter