I want all of my friends to know that I am not ignoring y'all! I've been working my ass off in Alabama on Greg's farm and I love it so much! He says that I am a ray of sunshine and I had to fire the other girl that was here and it was a comedy show LOL she was so mean and hateful and she tried to scream and cuss at me everyday and she was so rude and I gave her a warning 2 days ago and I told her if she could not be respectful then she needed to get the f*** out and yesterday morning she asked me to do something for her and I told her that I work for Greg and if she wanted me to do something for her then she could pay me and she called me a f****** little c*** and I fired her on the spot !!! That lady was so mean and negative and everyone was afraid of her because she was just so full of hate but she did not scare me LOL she said that she was not too old to whoop my ass and I told her that she needed to step back because I'm not too refined to whoop her ass if she touches me! I told her if she puts her hands on me she will get stomped Texas style LOL it will be like a Christmas present to me but she decided to pack her s*** and leave and she did not speak to me again and I will forgive her because she is screwed up in her head! She thinks the world owes her and she uses everything as an excuse! So today is the first day without the mean grumpy b**** around and it really does feel a lot lighter and a high vibrational frequency is going to cleanse this house! I'm going to burn some sage and do some prayers! Get rid of her evil demons! But I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm not ignoring you! I have been very busy and I love being here on the farm LOL the only thing I don't like is there's a lot of fleas so I am taking care of that now !!!! And my favorite thing about the farm is the rabbits LOL