Dreams by Alice Koh I am a shaman and a psychic. This is a gift but sometimes I wish I was not given such a gift. Sleep is a luxury as I am haunted every night of vivid terrifying dreams. I grew up in the mountains with my grandparents who raised me up since I was 5. We were self-sufficient. The death of my grandfather when I was 40 years old broke me apart. He died on the 3rd of September. On the 20th after his death, I was on the edge of my own death throe. It started with sharp, intense pain in the back of my ribs. I was in such agony and chill that my whole body shivered uncontrollably and my teeth chattered in convulsive spasm. I was in a delirious state. The pain felt like my bones were breaking. The spontaneous spasm of vomit added to this inhumane suffering. In my stupor, I managed to call for an ambulance. The doctors were shocked. I was given morphine immediately to release the pain. They wanted to keep me in hospital for tests. But I said no, and returned back home. At home, though the pain has subsided to a humane tolerance, I was still delirious. I saw my grandfather. He sat beside me on my bed. I could feel his hand holding my hand tenderly and spoke in a kind voice "What is wrong, my son?" I whispered weakly "I don't know, grandpa". He consoled "Have faith, my son. Be strong. You will get better." Then, the haunting dreams began. For 3 days and 3 nights, I had the same recurring dreams. Like a broken record that played incessantly. I was a watcher. I was shown the life of a young man. He was a virtuous man with sound morals. He lifted people regardless of their standing in society. However, this young man eventually succumbed to evil. He ended up in the deepest cavern of hell. A hell filled with the putrid stench of burning flesh, boiling blood and decadent sex! Cries! Primal cries of pleasure and terror! I watched as he was burnt in his own blood, urine and feces. The whores in life became the whores in Hell. The demons were like ogres, bald and their skin was black and rugged like that of old pigs. They wore masks because they couldn’t stand the stench. Then from above came a firefly and with a burst of light, Hell was momentarily illuminated. I saw bodies dismembered or hung, not dead but still writhing in unspeakable pain. A vision of a man who looked like Jesus appeared. He was wearing white garments untouched by the surrounding filth. He became the light in that disgusting place. The demons cowered in his presence. He went to the young man, serenely held out his hand and said "Come with me. You do not belong here." Another burst of light "shattered" my vision into thin red cobweb lines that floated up to the heaven leaving behind a trail of reddish snowflakes. I was then shown a bed of flowers. What happened next, I don't remember. I finally woke from this deep sleep after the third night with a film of stinking oil-like substance all over my body. What I had witnessed in that place of torment haunts me still. In Hell, criminals were made to re-enact their lives of sins over and over again. Yet, none ever repented. Today, I'm terrified to fall asleep. I fear that one day I may return to that plane, and be welcome back to hell. @danielandangel #WeeklyWritingContest