16 year old @skylerbeargunn

Maybe 15. Traps are coming in. Delta are starting. Biceps will be 15 or 16 inches. I managed to keep pace with my age till 19.5 now my waist might be keeping up with my age. I loved that hat. 40$ and a 60$ haircut at the House of Lords in Toronto. My buddies referred to my 100$!head don’t take that the wrong way. Was benching just around 225. I eventually got up to 420. Hopefully I can still do 315 or at least was still doing it before the gyms closed. 5-10 reps sets of three. For those of you wanting to follow my fitness info. I will be posting fitness stuff from the last 30+ years. #fittofattofit. Sounds like a spell #gym #journy #sbgfit