THE DIRTY BUNCH - Communist Atrocities

It is your patriotic duty and a moral imperative to rid communists of your homeland. There is no fence to sit on. You're either violently anti communist, or you're the enemy. There's no two ways about it, bucko. Understand that your weakness when it comes to communism is a death sentence to you and everyone you care about. These are called the hard times for a reason. You're not getting out alive if you pretend that peace is an option or that you're gonna debate communists out of their irrational genocidal ideology that's already claimed the lives of 100 million people worldwide — not to mention all the pain, suffering, and torture along the way — and spread into every nook and cranny of Western institutions so far that it's poisoned everything from academia to the press to the highest offices of government. You're deluded to think it can't happen here, that you're safe from atrocities that many countries have already fallen to because they were just as stupid as you and thought there was a peaceful solution. Your hubris and all your cowardice is going to get people killed. People can call me schizo, stupid, raving lunatic or dismiss my warnings, but I've read enough and heard enough from victims of communism to know the implications of being weak in the face of Reds and not speaking out while you still have a voice. Communism is not coming. Communism is here. You better fucking wake up and smell the genocide brewing, kiddo. ''I am violently anti-communist.'' — Winston Churchill #betterdeadthanred