"I'm Sorry. Partly because you are sad, obviously. But also because there is no one there to help you. Perhaps this is the cause of your sorrow. There is no there....... I must say, that this is true misery. This world can at times seem so terribly cruel. It seems lonely..... Perhaps this is a cruelty in itself, to be left alone. Especially in times of misery. But remember there are always people that care. How, you ask? They do not know me? The great thing in life is that there are complete strangers who care for us. We all live in our own minute area of the world. And even though you sit in the cold street at night, yet, your life is not in vain. Hopefully, assuredly someone will come to you, to be there when you are alone. To cry with you. To carry you. To love you. And when you see one outstretched arm through your tears,.......I will be glad for you. In the meantime, until such a person comes, and though you will never see my face or hear my name, I care for you."