00:00 Judge Dismisses Steve Bannon Indictment Steve Bannon, the one-time strategist for Former President Trump wins dismissal of an indictment. He was accused of defrauding donors who contributed to build the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. 01:09 Biden’s ATF Nominee Supports Banning AR-15 Around the same time the California rail yard shootings happened, the U.S. Senate held a hearing for Biden's nomination to head the ATF. Nominee David Chipman, who currently serves as a policy adviser to a gun violence prevention group, said today he supports banning one of the most popular rifles, the AR-15. 03:14 S.B.A. Blocked From Giving Race-Based Grants A federal Judge in Texas sided with a café owner who is suing the Small Business Association for prioritizing relief money based on race and gender. But in what situations can these race-based considerations stay in line with the Constitution? 06:02 Tennessee Bans Critical Race Theory Curricula Another state is banning critical race theory. Tennessee public schools can no longer include the theory in their curricula starting from July. 07:43 Producer Reacts to John Cena’s China Apology Athlete and actor John Cena is facing backlash for apologizing to his Chinese fans, for calling Taiwan a country. Many Americans are outraged—accusing him of appeasing the Chinese Communist Party for access to the China Market. But a Hollywood producer says it's part of a bigger systemic issue that no one actor can fix—And that there’s only one way to solve it.