We have seen, these past 4 years, a very clear divide in our society. This divide can be felt in every aspect of our lives, even in the products we consume. Some of us have started holding the feet of some companies to the fire by boycotting their products when we opposed their narrative or the organisations that they funded. This tactic is very effective; the companies feel the burn right away and most of them backtrack on their bullshit in order to stay in business. However, some republicans oppose boycotts. Crowder openly opposed boycotts on his show, without putting any arguments forward on why we should avoid using a tactic that works. But we also know that Crowder prefers wasting his time doing stuff that doesn’t work, such as a protest in Virginia where the protesters convinced the government that they would not use violence to protect the 2nd amendment and by doing so, convincing the left to move forward with their plans to take away people’s guns. And while they were at it, Crowder and his gang cleaned up behind them after their protest (someone forgot to explain to Crowder that a protest is a show of force…). Another conservative that is opposed to boycotts is some dumbass that is part of Zeducation’s podcasts (I don’t know his name and I don’t care). The guy is opposed to boycotts because he likes certain products. The example he used was Doritos : Doritos is pushing a narrative that he opposes, but he won’t boycott the company because he love their Chips… Look! If purchasing a generic brand of chip is a bridge too far for the right, than why the fuck are we even pushing against the left? If we are not able to tolerate any minor inconvenience in order to use a tactic THAT IS KNOWN TO WORK against private companies, than why are we even fighting. We should all bend over and become leftists cause there is no point in suffering any backlash from the left if we are unwilling to do what is needed. Seriously! I have no idea why the republican party still exist if they are such cucks… Gato Villano