Okay, we are ready! Who would like to test my mod? :D I'll be very thankful to whomever can try it and tell me if everything works >_< I never shared a follower with a quest before and I want to be sure everything is ok before I post to NexusMods! (It works on my end and on my partner's PC but we basically use the same mods XD so it could be useful to see how it acts out with other configurations. Quest is very basic so shouldn't break your savegame - I hope lol) So here it is, just click the download button, all the instructions are in the post. 100% free, no registration or anything else required. And you can test it as it is, no need for the other textures if you don't want them. https://www.allisonwadefantasy.com/heroes-of-the-wade-04-owen/