Day 5 and video 5 of my public Rumble to YouTube migration. Part II of my second book, 'How To Create A New Earth' (poetic philosophy), 'In the Beginning'. ***** Reading the text of this strange book proves to be a much different experience than the video format. The videos were intended to be closer to meditation videos, rather than a book-on-tape style. That being said, who listens to the videos typically do not necessarily hear or comprehend the symbolic depths of the writing. Rather they tend to observe the imagery, and to connect to the resonance and relaxed pace, making the videos subtly healing. Alternately those who have purchased the book and have read it, tend to read a sentence or two at a time, and then to reflect deeply on the topic or statement. These writings do have a density that cannot be captured in a cursory skimming. After reading the book, they also tend to buy a second copy for someone else that they know. Apparently they find something valuable in there. It mostly sounds like insanity to me these days, but I know that I never felt so close to truth at the time of writing and recording it. ***** https://rumble.com/vhjwex-how-to-create-a-new-earth-part-5-of-17-in-the-beginning.html