In the past I was critical of Israel. My father worked at the Italian embassy in Israel, and told me I was wrong. I did my research and discovered the real reason for the conflict. Islam has a hadith that says: Jews have to die before Judgement day: Palestinian children's TV: How the Palestinians trick the MSM to spread propaganda: Muslims believe the Qur'an was written by Allah, so there are no errors in their holy book. Allah turned Jews into apes, because he wasn't a big fan of Jews: There is a deep hatred against Jews among real Muslims that read the Qur'an literally. "Moderate" Muslims are like infidels, that are not serious (their mindset). Because Islam is a war-religion/politic system, they are allowed to lie and manipulate (Taqiyya). That's what is going on with the "Palestinians". They create propaganda to make Israelis look as Nazis/National Socialists as possible to gain sympathy from us in the West. We Westerners will often react with disgust over Israel's "aggression" against the "poor Palestinians", and that will lead to anti-Semitism world wide. Most people think Gaza is totally destroyed by Israeli aggression. When we discover how much deception there is, it becomes very clear, what the truth is (there is a demonstration in N.Y., the only part of the youtube, that isn't from Gaza): Solution: Expose Islam's Anti-Semitism and the mainstream media's anti-Israel propaganda. The son of Hamas: