I have seen a lot of Laughing Animals' Photos which has been shared in Minds. I wondered, Do animals really laugh?

(Image credit: Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography/Getty Images) Animal vocalizations made during play are a close analogue to human laughter. Laughing together is an important way for people to connect and bond. And though the causes of laughter can vary widely across individuals and groups, the sound of a laugh is usually recognizable between people belonging to different cultures. But what about animals other than humans? Do they "laugh," and do the causes of their laughter resemble the triggers for human laughter? In humans, laughter can express a range of emotions — from positive feelings like enjoyment to negative ones such as disgust. People also laugh when they hear a joke, or when they see something that they think is funny, though it's unknown if animals' intelligence includes what humans would call a sense of humor. However, many animals produce sounds during play that are unique to that pleasant social interaction; researchers consider such vocalizations to be a close analogue of human laughter. Recently, scientists investigated play vocalization to see how common it was among animals. The team identified 65 species that "laughed" while playing; most were mammals, but a few bird species demonstrated playful laughter too. This new analysis could help scientists to trace the evolutionary origins of human laughter, according to a new study. Other details of research: https://www.livescience.com/do-animals-laugh.html