**1.Lethal synthetic pathogen mRNA Gene Therapies do not create an immune response. That is not how they work.** **2.Lethal synthetic pathogen mRNA Gene Therapies do not stop infectious transmission. That is not how they work.** **3.Lethal synthetic pathogen mRNA Gene Therapies require yearly Gene Therapy targeting for a different strain mutation, and do not cause long term Herd immunity.** **4.Lethal synthetic pathogen mRNA Gene Therapies have significant adverse reactions, deaths, strokes, and brain damage.** If Covid or whatever the disease is, has been around for over 100-200 years then the **80%** requirement to achieve Herd immunity has been generally achieved as prevalent in the community already. Any novel mutations of whatever the disease is, was an outbreak in April2020 that did not have Herd immunity. It is clear that something has made a huge reduction on Cases and Deaths **WITH** Covid from Dec2020. CDC, and ONS data for the U.S. and UK (Chart) That reduction as Herd immunity means that any future seasonal outbreaks, just like the **4** flu and **12** coronavirus strains will also be countered in the new Herd immunity for future years from Winter2021. A probable situation that returns the world to the normal Winter seasonal outbreaks as with flu at **0.1%** IFR Infection Fatality Rate. **The only realistic solution as Herd Immunity may have already happened.** **It appears Herd immunity has already been achieved naturally, indicative of my CDC, and ONS charts for Covid Cases, and Deaths WITH Covid for both the United States, and for the United Kingdom.** My charts use deaths per100,000 population to allow direct national comparison as independent of the total size of population. I suspect the US peak cases at **500/100K** is very much an issue caused by greater number of flawed PCR tests that produced inaccurate positives at magnification>15. It may also be **50** states with differing population densities and transmission characteristics exacerbated the evolution speed of that Herd immunity. The refusal, coercive manipulation, and attempts to corrupt the science around the efficacy and use of Hydroxychoroquine, or Ivermectin may also have played a part. I await the years of statistical CDC fog that will follow that will no doubt say it was the "vaccine" that created the reduction. It clearly did not, as a pre-January 2021reduction. I await the one story narrative disinformation and buck passing. **Significant continuous reductions from Dec2020 in Cases, and Deaths WITH Covid suggest herd immunity has been achieved without any need for lethal synthetic pathogen mRNA Gene therapies or their adverse reactions of deaths, permanent disability strokes, or brain damage.** On a more pessimistic note the roll out of a lethal synthetic pathogen Gene Therapy may explain a slight decrease in the reduction from mid- February when it was deployed as Deaths **BY** Vaccine. Also consider A "Covid" **99.9%** recovery rate already, (CEBM data 0.1%-0.35% IFR) that can also be assumed to be due to inbuilt previous years of evolved Herd Immunity. **What is herd immunity?** Herd Immunity Herd immunity, or community immunity, is when a large part of the population of an area is immune to a specific disease. If enough people are resistant to the cause of a disease, such as a virus or bacteria, it has nowhere to go. While not every single individual may be immune, the group as a whole has protection. https://www.webmd.com/lung/what-is-herd-immunity#1