Marvel's Eternals teaser hot takes: 10 characters to introduce in one movie and try to make important or to try and make people to care about? This seems like a really bad move if they were going to bring them into the MCU it would have been a easier, wouldn't it, to drop a few at a time into other films introduce them that way so people stand a chance of learning about them a few at a time then you can be lazy and do a brief recap of the best bits of those films in the intro and then fill in more about them in the film with some kind of baseline. Lack of enemies shown or much story to go on and if they're going with a different genre / style of film for the MCU then ok but I do wonder if now is the best time to do the "Hey we're doing stories in other film genres too now" or if Disney should be clear about if this is meant as a different genre because it really does look like it's being presented as "Not another Superhero punching film." I mean I'd be fine with them trying different genres but the trailer just doesn't seem to have a set tone or direction to indicate much genre wise. I mean maybe historical epic film but it's hard to tell. I'll await a more detailed trailer but so far it's not doing much for me.