Those of us who aren't blind. Those of us who do not believe this covid insanity. We KNOW what this lady is talking about. We KNOW how maddening it is, you cannot talk to anyone. It's .... just utterly insane the amount of people who are sheeple and believe this lie. This isn't the only thing that is maddening. The BLM and Antifa lie. The stolen election. Why are people just .... sitting down and doing nothing! I'm with this lady, I feel the same way as she does. I'm tired of it. I'm sick to death of seeing the muzzles. The "forced vaccines". Bejing Biden. Friggin' BLM and Antifa Thugs, the friggin' "woke" non-sense. I've had it. I"ve literally had all I can take. So sick of it. Just ... sick of it.