Last year, during the height of the "pandemic" and "lock-downs", me, being me, would go to the beach. I've got to admit it was kind of nice having it all to myself. Reflecting on that it must be the way the "elite", the "globalists", the "technocrats", and our "political class" feel. We to them are a bit of offal to be scrapped from their shoes. They tolerate us. But have you noticed the push for AI and robotized this, and robotized that in all things from farming to manufacturing to transportation? Eventually they will have gotten us to a point where we can easily be replaced. No longer necessary. Now of course with the creation of the "vaccine" to protect us from an illness that has a, being conservative, 99.5% survival rate, and the MSM, governments, employers, and corporations worldwide pushing for all of us to "take the jab", those with conspiratorial minds might be a bit suspicious. And if they are and they voice those opinions as either legitimate questioning or as a warning they are censored by tech platforms and MSM. The UK is considering a draconian measure that would for all intents and purposes kill free expression, free speech. The west has had the benefit of the illusion of "free speech" as a right. Other countries, the CCP for example, have such control over their own people that it is a non-issue. Say something the government doesn't like and you, and your family, simply disappear. And there is the whole climate change issue they keep throwing at us. "We must protect the planet" they say. "We've got to lower CO2" they say. (I wonder what the trees think of that?) The lock-downs, the WHO recently said, decreased CO2 in the atmosphere so we all know where they're going with that. More restrictions on travel and meats and gathering in public. More limitations on our "rights". You'll notice I said that we in the west have had the "illusion" of free speech as a right. But really, be honest, we can think we have all the "rights" in the world, but the government ultimately has the final say in what we do and do not have. A government established "by the people, for the people" no longer exists. Consent of the governed no longer matters or applies it seems. Governments, politicians, have taken their orders and imposed on the people their dictates. Backed up by the MSM. We for the most part may bitch and complain but do nothing of substance going along to get along, afraid to lose those "rights" and conveniences that we do currently have. Not thinking of, or not even realizing, that our "representatives" can take all of them away with an "executive order". And so we continue to let the water boil. People fail to realize, or accept, that on average law enforcement has 2.5 LEO's for every 1000 citizens. Why do we let them continue? Are we that afraid? Dark times are ahead for humanity. If indeed the "jab" is a way to decrease population through impacting reproductive systems or outright killing us with illnesses, or as one article stated, a way to control the minds of the people by influencing the metals in the "jab" that are injected into our bodies by microwave frequencies or magnetic resonance, with more and more of us worldwide taking the jab we are being lead down a merry path to our own demise so that those same "elites", "globalists", "technocrats", and "political class" can ultimately have the beach all to themselves. As for me, well I'll still be me, obstinate, cranky, and willing to say no. I've accepted that I'll probably die in the street at the hands of former co-workers (I used to be a Cop). Do I want to? Of course not. But I've lived my life, and dammit, as long as someone, anyone, even just one person says "No" they won't win.