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I'll eat, almost anything

Possibly a controversal post. (Slight edit at the bottom) I'm an adventerous man. I've travelled a lot around South-East-Asia. I decided to leave the Western world and experience new cultures. I became known for assimlating myself into their culture. When I started my travels, I had 2 things in mind. I grew up in the UK with mass immigration. I was upset how communities would spring up, their shops would have signs in foreign languages. They couldn't speak English to me. They were seperate from my culture and didn't assimlate into the country as a whole. So to not be a hypocrite, I had to make an effort to learn the language of where I now found myself living. I also took the view that if I was round somebodies house as a guest I would eat the food they provided me as their guest. I have therefore eaten things most people wouldn't eat. Many of them are now part of my regular diet. I love 21 day old, part matured duck eggs, yes I mean the ones with the duck actually inside. With viens in the egg whites, the head, wings etc can be clearly seen. I'm also partial to dog meat. I'll be honest I'm not a fan of stressed meat full of adreniline, where the dog is skinned alive. But my favourite is road kill dog. And in particular, the ribs. I know this upsets many people. But for me, meat is meat. Anyone else eat any strange things that they like? EDIT: Thanks for reading to the end. I know this isn't for everyone. So, feel free to dislike if it really bothers you. I won't take it to heart, and certainly won't come over to your channel to tap up the dislike button on your post.