In late summer of the year 2020, a woman who hated Donald Trump died of Covid-19. She arrived at the Pearly Gates, carrying suitcases full of hate and bitterness with her. Saint Peter said, “My Dear, you cannot enter here unless you leave your bags behind.” The woman was insistent. She pleaded to bring her grievances with her but St. Peter would not budge. Seeing she couldn’t win the argument, the woman demanded to speak to God himself. “Very well,” said St. Peter, as he rolled his eyes. “God will say the same thing to you.” After a long wait, suddenly there was a loud roll of thunder. The heavens opened and an angel blew his horn, announcing God’s arrival. “Why do you trouble me here?” God said in a thunderous voice. “St. Peter won’t let me bring my suitcases into heaven with me!” She cried. “I have many grievances that need to come with me!” “What is your biggest concern you have brought with you?” God patiently asked. “He killed me!” said the woman. “Who killed you?” asked God. “Donald Trump!” said the woman, in an accusing voice. She could barely mention the name without it causing her lips to curl into a snarl. “And how exactly did he kill you?” “With Covid-19!” she yelled. “Why didn’t you take the cure?” God asked. The woman was incensed at the question. “Cure? What cure?! If there was a cure, surely I would have taken it!” “Hydrochloroquine.” God said. Surely you heard Donald Trump speak of it.” “Hydrochloroquine?” the woman said in disgust. “Trump touted that stuff but it doesn’t work!!” “Who told you it doesn’t work?” “The media.” God breathed a heavy sigh. “So you believed the media and refused the cure,” God said. “Had you taken Hydrochloroquine when you first began having symptoms, you would not have died. In Truth, you killed yourself.” The woman balked at that statement and said in a very emphatic tone, “ I did NOT kill myself!” She said. “Donald Tr---” “But you refused to take the cure.” God interrupted her mid sentence. “This makes you in part responsible for your death.” The woman continued, “But God, Donald Trump didn’t do enough and people got sick! Thousands of people were dying and more have died because of him!” “Did Donald Trump control your choices?” Didn’t he go on national TV and tell people to take the cure? In truth, he tried to save you but you refused to listen. Your hatred has clouded your judgment and you chose not to take his advice because you didn’t want to prove him right. Woman, your hatred is what caused your death.” The woman bowed her head. The woman was angry. She was not ready to stop hating Donald Trump because she blamed him for her death. “You won’t be able to come into heaven unless you release that baggage. No one who has hatred in their heart is allowed to walk the streets of gold.” With that, the angel blew his horn and God departed. As God faded away, she was left standing alone with St. Peter. He turned to the woman to the woman who was standing beside her suitcases and asked, “What is your decision?” Written by LW August 2020