4K Video: Brood X Cicadas emerge for 2021 in Washington D.C.

The Brood X generation of Cicadas, a species of insects that burrow and emerge in increments of 17 years, have begun to emerge for 2021 in Washington DC. The insects dig out of their 12-18 inch slumber under ground when the soil reaches temperatures around 64 degrees Fahrenheit before shedding their shells, reproducing, and dying within days. Brood X will next return in 2038. Filmed by Ford Fischer NO REUSE WITHOUT PERMISSION Please contact Ford Fischer at [email protected] or call (573) 575-NEWS to license video. Photos and additional footage may be available upon request. Support News2Share on Patreon: Special Thanks to Patreon Contributors Ardel David, Dustin Gagne, and Emily Molli See more at