also now apply to my wife and daughter (while she is at home on break). And although some of these rules are very old to me/us (since I was a kid) some of them are new and some of them I’ve changed up the operational and enforcement methods. Rules Are: 1. Act Immediately – if it is to be done or needs to be done or you wish to do it then either start immediately or plan immediately and set an actionable timeline which you will execute 2. No Excuses of any kind (short of injury or emergency) for any reason 3. No Performance = no reward. Perform = Reward. High or superior Performance = Extra Rewards 4. Knock out 100 push-ups and 100 squats before you eat. (I am now up to about 500 reps of pushups, squats, and other exercises daily) 5. Create one New Thing per week and submit one New Things per week or no 3 Sabbaths and no recreation on weekends (you get to stay home instead and clean and then also finish your work) 6. To bed by 2100 hours, to sleep by 2200 hours, rise by 0600 but bets by 0500 hours 7. Study and read new subjects and books weekly 8. Get all of your Work done within 4 to 6 hours every day, four days a week and then do as you wish 9. Invest and Save 4 to 10 times what you spend Well, gotta go. Daughter just made me Korean food and soup for lunch. #rules #life #Action