Meme coin contest!

Ever wanted to create the new meme crypto coin? Now you can, and you can get tokens for it! I'm launching a contest for the best meme coin pitch on Minds (the coin must be new and not already exist). Your pitch should be 300 words or less and must include: 1. The name of your coin; 2. Use cases if the coin were to exist (at least 2); 3. What differentiates your coin from all meme coins in the crypto market. To enter the contest, quote-Remind this post with your pitch and make sure to tag me in case I don't see it! Here are the prizes: 1st place: 25 tokens; 2nd place: 12 tokens; 3rd place: 7 tokens. You have until 16th May 23.59pm GMT to post your pitches. The winners will be revealed on Tuesday, May 18th. Judging criteria I will be choosing the best pitches following the criteria specified below: 1. Creativity and originality of the pitch and name choice; 2. Marketability of name and coin characteristics; 3. Investment appeal/potential. These three points will be weighed equally. Pitches that don't follow the 3 requirements or are more than 300 words will not be considered. Disclaimer: this contest is strictly for entertainment purposes, it is not intended to result in the creation of any cryptocurrency or digital asset. This contest or any mentions to it do not represent any financial or investment advice. Your money is at risk.