Activists in Elizabeth City debate over communicating with police

Note from Editor-in-Chief Ford Fischer: "Like all News2Share content, this is a video I'm delivering in a raw, uncut format. I wrestled with whether or not to post this video at all, but I've decided it's relevant largely based on the community it impacts posting about it online. While activists tend to strive for a unified front, moments like this exemplify the challenges faced in the course of that task." Activists in the same coalition calling for justice in the shooting of Andrew Brown debated with one another on the evening of May 1st in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. As a march for Brown approached its conclusion ahead of a midnight curfew, Lydia McCaskill, General of the Original Black Panthers of Gastonia, North Carolina, spotted Rev. Gregory Drumwright, a prominent NC-based civil rights leader, speaking with police at the site of a major rally taking place the next day. While Rev. Drumwright, said that he had been at the location for nearly an hour and had only been approached by officers in the five minutes ahead of the confrontation, McCaskill's side accused him of being a "lapdog" for the police because of a willingness to communicate with law enforcement. "I just don't understand why we're turning on eachother," said Rev. Drumwright. Filmed by Ford Fischer NO REUSE WITHOUT PERMISSION Please contact Ford Fischer at [email protected] or call (573) 575-NEWS to license video. Photos and additional footage may be available upon request. Support News2Share on Patreon: Special Thanks to Patreon Contributors Ardel David, Dustin Gagne, and Emily Molli See more at