the cells of our immune system copy and then unravel strings of dna into small bits and that's the code to create proteins those small bits are called messenger-RNA they're basically half a protein, and it binds with the other components floating around in the cell to form a full protein so by injecting people with the mRNA directly, they're bypassing the immune system, which will weaken our immune system we don't have to produce as many proteins anymore, because we just got an overdose of proteins, so our immune system will produce less proteins from just 1 shot your immuunsystem is not going to just stop producing protein, it will produce less proteins ... for a while and then it will increase again so ... that's why they are forcing people to take more than 1 shot and in a short period they're trying to give everybody 3-4 shots in less than 1 year ... why? because that's what it takes to make your immuunesystem so weak that you're fully addicted to those protein booster shots they want to make everybody addicted to their immune-replacement drug !! they want to replace your immuunsystem with their drug ... the ultimate control !! there's no difference between what they're doing and what a drug pusher does; first you get the drugs for free ... until you're addicted then they will take you for everything you got, including your wife and children !! that's the scam !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #covid19 is a scam, with corporate lockdowns and debt slave masks for #vaccine tyranny #politics #news #minds ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for the votes and reminds, cheers !!