This is a Company I Was Operations Manager at For 15 yrs of My Carrier. He Was Struggling Finding Carpenters to Complete This Big Job. Well I was Looking at His FB Posts 3 Days Ago and Said. Glenn Grab Ultra Blocks and Run Them For Your Forms the Use Pencil Rod to Cross-Tie With Mini Cat-Heads and U Will Fill Your Pockets With Money. He Text Me an Hour Ago To Say Thank U He Got This Much Done in 15 Min. 3 Man Crew!!! He Is Pocketing 7 men x 10 Hrs a Day. That's $1,800.00 a Day I Put in His Pocket With My Idea and It Will Keep Compounding into Bigger Savings at Striping Time and Clean Up Plus Lumber Costs Now He Will Make an Extra $25,000.00 or More Profit Because of My Idea! That's Why I Was Always So Good at My Job. :-)))))

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