CIA PSYCHO NEUROLOGY IN THE COVID INJECTION. MEMORY WIPING? KILLING AN ENTIRE RACE? (READ BELOW) This is Dr. Charles Morgan on Neurobiology and War THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO PEOPLE WITH THE COVID JAB. My next post will be this entire lecture he gave at the West Point Military Academy. Things have (if you got jabbed) and will be infused into your cells to completely alter or change behavior in the future. This is control at a level most cannot comprehend. It can be used to erase or change memory through crisper technology. It can be used to kill off a certain race or group of people or even one single person. His full lecture here: This is what this mandatory bullshit injection is all about. CONTROL or EXTERMINATION. Disguised as fake vaccine for a disease that never really was. CRISPER is an editing software for genes. They can turn you on or off like a machine and make you do things you would not normally do. This is why they call this "mRNA Gene Therapy". This expert in the video says "you could introduce (inject) a unique thing that would only kill one person in the world". They are going to kill a lot of people in the world. #mrna #charlesmorgan #psychoneurology #memorywiping #genocide